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Défense publique de thèse de doctorat en Sciences chimiques - LI Hongyan

Hierarchically Porous carbon materials for advanced Li-Se battery

Catégorie : défense de thèse
Date : 25/11/2022 14:00 - 25/11/2022 17:00
Lieu : CH11
Orateur(s) : LI Hongyan
Organisateur(s) : SU Bao-Lian


  • Prof. Olivier DEPARIS (département de physique, UNamur), president
  • Prof. Bao-Lian SU (département de chimie, UNamur), supervisor and secretary
  • Prof. Vlad ALEXANDRU (institut de la matière condensée et des nanosciences, UCLouvain)
  • Prof. Laurence LEHERTE (département de chimie, UNamur)
  • Dr Nikolay TUMANOV (département de chimie, UNamur)
  • Prof. Li YU (Wuhan University of Technology)


In recent years, lithium-selenium (Li-Se) batteries have attracted increasing attention due to their high theoretical volumetric capacity, better electrochemical performance, and much higher conductivity of selenium compared to sulfur. However, its practical application still faces great challenges in maintaining high capacity stability and the tricky safety hazards. To address these problems, a lot of research and optimization works have been carried out on Li-Se batteries, from selenium cathodes, lithium anodes, and electrolytes to separators. This thesis reviews the current status of Li-Se batteries, focusing on the polyselenides (PSe, Sen2-, n=4-8) confinement effect to reduce the shuttle effect. The future scope for the development of the Li-Se battery is also proposed. In the end, the purpose, scientific strategy, and main research methods on our research work are described.





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