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7th European Summer School in Process Thought

The seventh summer school of the European Society for Process Thought focuses this year on Alfred North Whitehead's book, The Function of Reason (1929). In this work, Whitehead integrates the final causality in his cosmological theory. In the European literature, hints harmonics do not only pervade the works and thoughts of Maine de Biran and Gilles Deleuze, but also those of Henri Bergson, Friedrich Nietzsche and Charles Pierce The reading of "The Function of Reason" thus opens a space to discuss the occurrence of purpose in the nature of reality.

Catégorie : colloque/congrès
Date : 15/08/2022 15:00 - 19/08/2022 15:00
Lieu : Faculté de philosophie & Lettres
Organisateur(s) : ESPHIN, SPS, ESPT


Whitehead argues that Reason has fundamentally an aesthetic function, which aims towards the advent of ever more organized forms. In this sense, Reason promotes not only the art of living, but also the art of living well and better. The identification of Reason as the counterpart of entropy leads the author to conceive the existence of simple and diffuse forms of operations at the level of Reason, which may be the origin of the cosmos. This vision is a clear option for the integration of the final causality in the cosmological theory, contrary to what the materialist science claims.


In short, with the notions of Reason, final cause, purpose, appetition, in other words, with some upwards tendency in nature that lies outside the mere physical order, Whitehead attempts to understand the simplest processes of the physical universe in terms that are applicable to the categories of human life. “The function of Reason” therefore opens a space for discussion to analyze the author's proposals, and debate with his contemporaries and more recent authors who also contribute to this research field.



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