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Data stream processing with quantitative regular expressions

Défense de mémoire de Romain Bruyère

Catégorie : mémoire
Date : 19/01/2022 14:30 - 19/01/2022 15:30
Lieu : Salle académique
Orateur(s) : Romain Bruyère
Organisateur(s) : Isabelle Daelman


In a world in which IoT systems are more and more present, processing of data streams in an efficient way has become more and more important. Generic solutions are no longer sufficient to solve these problems, and specific models appear. Quantitative regular expressions, one of those, are standing out by a balance between language expressiveness and high efficiency. They use a flexible formal language for specifying complex numerical queries over data streams.

The purpose of the thesis is to analyze the solution exposed by this language in its context. The language evolution is detailed from its origin to its multiple implementations, explaining the theoretical concepts which had led to its conception. A new implementation is detailed. It provides flexibility in performance thanks to the use of a functional language.

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