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Risk Management and Threat Modeling: a comparative approach

Défense de mémoire de Faris Bourdoud

Catégorie : mémoire
Date : 18/06/2019 14:15 - 18/06/2019 15:15
Lieu : Salle académique
Orateur(s) : Faris Bourdoud
Organisateur(s) : Isabelle Daelman

The information systems, the technologies, the laws on data privacy and data protection are continuously evolving. It becomes more and more complex to analyse and describe a system, and its relationship with others. Because of that, preventing all attacks and detecting the risks is becoming a very difficult task. Hopefully the methodologies to help in this field evolve too, new approaches are created every year. Unfortunately, this constant evolution makes it difficult to choose the correct tool, methodology, framework to ensure the risk management on a project or on an organisation level. This thesis intends to offer to the reader a first step and guidance in his choice regarding the context.

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