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Principia Paedagogica : Active Pedagogy and Artificial Intelligence

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Principia Paedagogica

A workshop organized on active pedagogy and deep learning at ULiège and UNamur

Catégorie : colloque/congrès
Date : 27/11/2018 09:00 - 29/11/2018 16:00
Lieu : ULiège and UNamur
Orateur(s) : Marina BAKALOVA(BAS) Guillaume LEJEUNE(FNRS-ULiège) François BEETS(ULiège), ErasmeRWANAMIZA(AegisTrust’ director) Roland CAZALIS(UNamur) Lina GEORGIEVA(BAS) Michel WEBER(USaskatchewan) André-François TATYMAKIBA(ULubumbashi) Vesselin PETROV(BAS)
Organisateur(s) : François BEETS(ULiège), Roland CAZALIS (UNamur), Astrid MODERA (UNamur), Vesselin PETROV(BAS)

Every philosopher knows that Russell and Whitehead wrote a fundamental work for contemporary logic: Principia Mathematica (1910-1913). It is less known that if – for various reasons – their collaboration ended in the 1920s, and their respective interests gradually moved away from pure logic, Whitehead and Russell shared a common interest in education. In 1927 Russell published On education (other publications on the subject would come later) whose first chapter was entitled "The Aims of education". In 1929 Whitehead published a collection of papers under the title The Aims of Education, and other Essays. Both engaged in a critique of the traditional education system and, drawing on common sources – Dewey, James, Montessori – sketched a learner-centered pedagogy. Some researchers see them as precursors of active pedagogy, others even find in their contributions a source of inspiration for research on Deep Learning. Could one not dream that in an alternative past their collaboration continued after Principia Mathematica to give a Principia Paedagogica?

Contact : François BEETS, Roland CAZALIS -
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