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Advanced & Robust Flow Cytometry with Miltenyi Biotec

Reproducibility. Specificity. Sensitivity. We all know that getting consistent flow cytometry data can be challenging. Join us to know more about multicolor panel designs, intracellular staining, sample preparation, how to perform relevant analyses...

Catégorie : conférence/cours/séminaire (spécialisé)
Date : 11/10/2018 09:00 - 11/10/2018 16:00
Lieu : UNamur, BLC, salle Agora
Orateur(s) : Miltenyi Biotec

This flow cytometry day is organized by Miltenyi Biotec Benelux, together with the support of the UNamur and the UMons.


From the basics to the optimization
  • Digital flow cytometry: understand the basics, become the expert (9:15-10:00)
  • Sample preparation and MACS enrichment: what you give is what you get (10:00-10:45)
  • Multicolor panels & compensations: optimization, avoid the spread effect (11:00-12:00)


Advanced & Practical cytometry
  • Data analysis: select the best reagents and controls, use them well (13:30-14:45)
  • Intracellular staining: different rules for a different universe (14:45-15:45)
  • Wrap-up / Q&A (15:45-16:00)
The event is free and open to researchers from the UNamur and the UMons. Please register before October 5 at

Contact : Virginie van Scherpenzeel Thim -
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