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How to model and test gravitation in the Solar System ?

Séminaire NaXys

Catégorie : conférence (grand public)
Date : 25/09/2014 13:00 - 25/09/2014 14:00
Lieu : E25 - Salle de conférence du département de mathématique
Orateur(s) : Aurélien Hees
Organisateur(s) : Sébastien Clesse

In this presentation, I will briefly review the principles upon which General Relativity (GR) is built. I will also review the main effects
produced by GR in the Solar System. Motivations for considering alternative theories of gravitation will be given. The main tests of
GR at Solar System scales will be presented. In particular, I will present the current constraints in the two main formalisms used so
far: the Parametrized Post-Newtonian formalism and the fifth force formalism.
Then, some motivations for considering alternative theories of gravitation beyond the PPN and fifth force formalism will be
presented. A very recent analysis of Cassini tracking data in a Modified Newtonian Dynamics (MOND) formalism will be presented. After
this, I will speak about a recent tool to simulate radioscience observations in very general alternative theories of gravitation. This
tool computes everything (orbit of planets/spacecraft, propagation of electromagnetic signal, clock behaviour) directly from the space-time
metric. As an illustration, some simulations within the Standard Model Extension (SME) and some sensitivity analyses will be presented.

Contact : Sébastien Clesse - 49 16 -
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