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Website monitoring : theoretical and protical approach

Défense de Monsieur De Backer

Catégorie : mémoire
Date : 01/09/2014 15:00 - 01/09/2014 16:00
Lieu : Faculté d'informatique - I22
Orateur(s) : Arnaud De Backer
Organisateur(s) : Isabelle Daelman


Nowadays, Website monitoring is becoming more and more popular. Its aim is to ensure that web applications meet a defined number of rules. In that point of view, website monitoring is directly linked with the Quality of Service (QoS). The most common way of performing website monitoring is to simulate users visit. Naturally, for complexity reasons, only most used and relevant users paths should be simulated. In monitoring area, those paths are called Business Processes. In this thesis, we will address a practical case which monitors Business Processes and discuss its limitations. Afterwards, we will create our own language able to overcome these limitations.

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